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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Second Bank Of The United States

This is the building of the Second Bank of the United States in Philadelphia. As I mentioned Monday, the First and Second Banks of the United States were very controversial in their day, and part of the dispute about them centered on whether the Federal government had the power to charter a National Bank. Today […]

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Milton Street, Greenpoint with St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

This is a simple shot up Milton Street in Greenpoint, looking towards its terminating T-intersection with Manhattan Avenue.  In the distance through and above the trees you get 2 glimpses of St. Anthony & St. Alphonsus Church on Manhattan Avenue. In the left foreground you can see St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The image is a simple […]

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Running Out of Titles

In the early days of the blog I used to try to come up with artistic or poetic titles for every shot. I found it hard and tedious. When I discovered that using simple descriptive titles like “First Bank of the United States” and “Central Park Reservoir Infrared” helps generate search engine traffic, I pretty […]

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First Bank of the United States

When I was walking around old Philadelphia on Saturday morning, I was surprised to find that the original buildings for both the First Bank of the United States and the Second Bank of the United States were still around. I was aware of many other historical buildings in the city, but I had never heard […]

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Saturday Instagram Roundup – Sunday Edition, Philadelphia Edition

I was in Philadelphia and very busy the end of last week, and it kept me from posting Thursday or yesterday. I did manage to squeeze in some iPhone shooting Thursday evening and Friday morning, and some DSLR shooting Saturday morning. I think giving priority to shooting over posting makes sense, when you really cannot […]

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Central Park Reservoir Infrared

This is a telephoto infrared shot of the Central Park Reservoir, taken from the south-east corner of the reservoir looking west. The buildings you see line Central Park West. My infrared processing is ever an ongoing work in progress, and so I was happy to see this week a tutorial from Scott Wood that included […]

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Saturday Instagram Roundup

I was fairly prolific on Instagram this week, posting six images. I was also more pleased than usual with all of them. As I’ve previously explained, Instagram is an app for certain smartphones that allows users to share images quickly and easily to an online social community.  As is my usual practice, all of the […]

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Chrysler Building – Fuji Superia Film

The iconic Chrysler Building shot from 42nd Street with a Contax G2 and Fuji Superia film. Without metadata, I ‘m not sure of the lens but it must be either the 21 or 28mm. Quite a bit of grain, but that’s film for you, and look at how the corner statues just pop off the building. I’ve […]

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Greenpoint Water Tower – Black and White

The Greenpoint Water Tower is a local landmark, visible from at least some spots in nearly every part of the neighborhood. Another landmark, a church, has a towering steeple that is nearly as visible, and I will feature that structure soon. The water tower stands next to an unused warehouse which it once serviced. For […]

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Outside In

I’d love to get fedback on this one. There was this hole in the wall, looking into another room. Oddly, this was the only such hole I noticed in the entire location that day. The problem is, there was not much of interest to look at through the hole, partly because interior walls and partitions […]

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Peony Flower and Bud

This image continues my occasional series of shots from our crop of peonies this year, as well as my ongoing discussion and mild obsession with depth of field for macro work. I shot this at f/29, which created a deeper DOF than my previous 2 peony macro images, but still only about one-half inch of […]

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