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staten island farm colony

Sometimes what I do in the field is a mystery to me. I photographed this scene twice in immediate succession. For the second image I widened my zoom by 2 mm, and widened my aperture by maybe 2 stops (since I was in Aperture priority mode this automatically adjusted my shutter). But apparently I never thought to move a bit to the left so the rail post wouldn’t intersect┬áblock the window, nor did I try to level out my horizon. I have no idea what I was thinking, or why I made the adjustments I did. I could post the other image and unless they were side by side so you could notice the slight change in zoom, you probably couldn’t tell any real difference.

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  1. Been there dude and can relate. I think the window being visible would make more of an impact than being level, but either way, the grit and setting still come through.
    Jim Denham recently posted..Out of PlaceMy Profile

  2. I like this very much! I like the post through the window, but might have chosen to straighten the image in post. But this works very well!
    Bob Lussier recently posted..Belmont, NV, USAMy Profile

    1. Normally I would probably have straightened the image myself as well, but here I didn’t almost out of self-spite. That I made those two seemingly pointless adjustments while not attending to the compositional issues annoys me. Plus a little skewed horizon inside an abandoned site can work fine, as Chris noted.

  3. Geez Mark, I actually LOVE this shot. I think the tilt and the post in the window add drama and intrigue to the scene. Great job, my friend, even if it was outside your original vision of the scene you were shooting.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Corvette Slalom Event – April 2012My Profile

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