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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Coney Island Winter 2012 – Pop it!

As I come to the end of the Coney Island winter series, I still have some images I think are usable but I also continue to  think I’ve about spent the time that should be devoted to them on the blog. I’m considering an ebook, but distribution and e-commerce get complicated quick. Free distribution is […]

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Coney Island Winter 2012 – View From the Elevated Platform

If  you take the subway to Coney Island, you can get off either here at the Aquarium stop or at the Coney Island terminal two blocks down. As this stop comes first, I would expect that many impatient travelers  would get off the train here, and if you’re on this end of the train platform, […]

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Coney Island Winter 2012 – Papa Burger

Very little remains of the glory that was Gregory & Pauls, later known as Paul’s Daughter, on the Coney Island boardwalk. It may or may not still re-open, or be relocated. Accounts vary. But the glorious signage is now almost all gone, leaving only this figure and his counterpart, affectionately known as Mama Burger and […]

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Coney Island Winter 2012 – Boardwalk

I love the colors I got from simple Kodak 400 Gold film. They do seem just a bit off somehow, maybe a bit too much purple in the sky, but I love them nonetheless. The Coney Island Boardwalk is mostly, but not completely deserted, on a winter morning in January 2012.

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Coney Island Winter 2012 – NY Aquarium Station

The New York Aquarium is located in Coney Island, and the subway stop is only a couple of long blocks from the Coney Island Terminal Station I showed earlier, although the entrance and structure is a lot less imposing. What caught my eye here were the shadow patterns on the steps.

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Coney Island black and White Winter 2012 – Stillwell Avenue

Stillwell Avenue, at the heart of Coney Island. That’s Nathan’s barely visible on the extreme right edge of the frame. Across the street is a row of new storefronts that lie empty. Whether they have tenants lined up for the start of the season I do not know. A few short years ago there was […]

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Coney Island Black and White Winter 2012 – Elevated Subway

That’s a somewhat unusual double-decker elevated subway straight ahead. You can see a train passing through on the lower elevated level.

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Coney Island Black And White Winter 2012 – Picnic Station

The one week break from all film all-the-time i sover, and it’s time to load up another 3 weeks of film shots from Coney Island and Grand Central. as you can see, this week will again feature black and white shots from Coney island.

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251 Water Street

This is just around the corner from Peck Slip. The rest of the building looks much newer and modern. I’m not sure how it all fits together. It might be that an old building added new windows and doors except for this one. Clearly, however, this detail was the most interesting element in the structure.

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