Bank of America Keeps its Customers in the Dark About Security Violations

It has been a little more than a year since I asked your indulgence for a non-photography related post, and I need to do it again.
I have a credit card issued by the Bank of America, which I will soon be canceling. Apparently some company somewhere had a security breach that included, at the least, my credit card information. B of A changed my account number but their communications on the issue have been deceptive and incomplete. As best as I can judge, B of A is protecting the company that suffered the security breach by refusing to provide me with information I need to protect myself and my family.
Here is a list of the information B of A is so far refusing to provide me with:

  • the vendor that suffered the security breach
  • the nature of the breach (ie was it electronic, physical, inside job, outside, etc)
  • how much of my information was compromised, eg, are my name, address, and social security secure or were they also compromised?
  • how long ago did the breach occur before it was discovered?
  • has the perpetrator been caught and all physical evidence and information retrieved and secured?

The last communication I received from B of A says that “Because the compromise did not occur at Bank of America, we are not authorized to release information regarding the compromise.” But B of A will not tell me where┬áthe compromise did occur, and so I cannot ask these questions of the entity that has the answers.

This is unacceptable.

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  1. I think a lot of people should be aware with this post..

  2. I hope you can solve it and everything will be fine though…Thanks for the information you have provided here too…

  3. Hey, I had the same problem with BOA, too, and recently.

    Going to link people on my FB to this– hopefully we can get some traction.

    I wonder who? I’d list a variety of websites, but it seems like an invitation to get my number stolen again.

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