New Series: Subway Pairs or Duos


I want to start a new photo series, but I’m not yet certain what to call it or how to handle it. I often take surreptitious photos of other riders when I am on the subway, and have occasionally posted some as I did here, here, and here. While a good number of the shots of individuals have interesting elements, I have come to most highly appreciate those images that capture two people traveling together. These pairs can involve any sort of relationship, including parents and children, spouses, friends, lovers, or co-workers. Sometimes it can be two strangers who strike up a conversation. Other times it can be two people who are clearly together yet do not really interact.

I have not decided what to call this series of subway candids: subway pairs or subway duos would both serve yet neither thrills me.  I’m also not sure how to post them. Each one singly can vary from mildly interesting to sometimes compelling, but I think they will best be viewed as a set. But sets do not work so great as blog fodder, so I might post them singly, and start collecting them in a gallery once there is some critical mass.  If you scan through the three links above, you will see scattered among them a handful of earlier images that fit the criteria. I have not yet made a final cut but I think this one would be No. 9.

Finally, although I plan to post one per week for now, I will not commit to it because I cannot guarantee that I will have sufficient opportunities to get a clear shot of a suitable subject to maintain any pace. Sometimes the trains are too crowded, or the best subjects are too far away, or I might not run into any pairs for some time. I have a small inventory to get started anyway. Finally, as much as I like the iPhone shots, like the one above, I’m going to try to get as many as I can with a small mirrorless camera such as my E-PL1 or the Fuji x100. It requires a bit more stealth, but the results really shine, in my opinion.

If you have any thoughts on a name, or other suggestions, please leave them in a comment below. Thanks.


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  1. Lovely idea for a new series, Mark. I like the “Subway Pairs” title, seems to really fit well with the subject at hand. You may have hit on the best title right out of the gate. 🙂

    Really like today’s shot, a great catch with the pair having a fun-filled moment. Nice!

  2. You’ve got a great idea Mark. I like the Subway Pairs title the best. And your plan for once a week is good as it gives your audience something to look forward to.
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  3. That is really a nice idea. The photo is good, thank you for sharing, I love the title Subway Pairs.

  4. Thanks all. It looks like Subway Pairs is the wau to go.

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