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Monthly Archives: January 2012

R.I.P. Rick James Graffiti Van

A brief web search for “RIP Rick James Van” reveals that this van seems to live on the lower east side, which is where I found it. I also took some shots from the sidewalk side, but even with my most wide-angle lens (14mm) I couldn’t quite get the whole van in the picture, which […]

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Chelsea Wine Cellar

The Chelsea Wine Cellar is a liquor store that advertises its wide selection of specialty and boutique wines. I was mostly interested in the neon sign, set off against the health food store awning next door. How was your weekend? I had a nice quiet 2 days with family, and also managed to get out […]

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Coney Island Subway Panorama

One of the reasons I rarely do panoramas isI just never think of them. Another is that they are easy to do, but hard to do well. A third is that more than 98-99% of my images are viewed only on computers, which is a less than ideal way to see a panorama. Yesterday when […]

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Fort Tryon Arches

These Fort Tryon arches are certainly catnip for a photographer like me, and I took additional shots from the other side looking in as well as inside them before I made my way here. This view is actually less interesting, I think, than the others, except for the very sparsely decorated Christmas tree to the […]

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47th-50th Street — Rockefeller Center

Continuing my occasional series of subway station shots, this one actually features a crowd of people. It also happens to be my regular every day commuting station where I work. I took this while waiting for my train home, of another set of people waiting for their trains home. The train on the far platform […]

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Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

This is the Landmark Theatre in Downtown Syracuse, which just reopened on November 18, 2011 after a major renovation and expansion that cost $16 million. Originally opened in 1928 and known as the Loew’s State Theatre, the lobby of the theater was renovated and restored in 2000. This time they expanded and improved the stage area and […]

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Two days ago I got my film back from the Google+ Photowalk in Astoria Queens last Saturday, and I noticed a small theme that I had unconsciously developed during the walk. I’ll post the individual images later, but I thought they worked well as a unit. These were shot on a Minolta CLE rangefinder (circa […]

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Downtown Alley, Syracuse

It’s the gate that caught my eye. I probably should have also shot the building to the left. The plaque honors William M. Beauchamp for being the “Historian of the Iriquois.” The building is the Central New York Telephone and Telegraph Building, being the first building in Syracuse built to house the telephone company in 1899. It […]

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Along the Hudson

This is the Palisades, the Hudson River, Henry Hudson Parkway, and George Washington Bridge, taken from Fort Tryon Park, with a sort of high key washed out look  on the horizon in the distance.  The highway below was remarkably free of traffic on  New Year’s Day morning. It was nearly 9am, but I guess everybody was […]

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West 50th Subway Station – Eighth Avenue IND Line

Back in November I suggested I had an idea for a photo series, but it was too intimidating to truly consider.  It was simply to get a shot of every station in the NY subway system. Depending on who is counting and when, there is some number of stations  slightly greater than 420 in the […]

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Fifth Avenue Apple Cube Reflections at Night

The cube, which is only a few years old, underwent renovations that concluded a couple of months ago. The cube used to be made up of many small glass panels, and is now composed of much larger glass panels, leading to a much cleaner look. There are not as many reflections, but you can still create some […]

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