2011 [Plus] In Review

This is my first year end review post. I began the blog in October 2009, and in October 2010, I did a one-year anniversary post. Following that with a year-end wrap-up 2.5 months later seemed a bit self-indulgent.  So this year, I’m looking back to the last 15 months since that anniversary post, with a personal favorite from each month. These are not necessarily the ones that garnered the most comments or traffic, nor are they even the ones I deem the best. They are literally my favorites.

I also want to link to a pair of photo essays inspired by the death of Osama bin Laden in May of this year, We Got Him and The Hole In The Sky.

Finally, before scrolling down to my favorite 15, you can review [nearly] every image I posted here in 2011 by watching this video, which lasts about 6.5 minutes. I only left out the images from the OBL essays linked above, some photos of garbage that NYC failed to pick up for about a month last winter following a big storm, and two sets of iPhone subway portraits that just would have made the video unbearably long.


October 2010

Bus Stop No. 62

November 2010

Crosswalk No. 68

December 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier Construction

January 2011

We Trod The Pavement In A Dead Patrol

February 2011


March 2011

Crosswalk No. 95

April 2011

Seagram Plaza Teddy Bear And Lamp

May 2011

Empire State

June 2011

July 2011

American Radiator - Empire State

August 2011

Central Park Infrared Harpist

September 2011

October 2011

The Princess Tagerem

November 2011

Trash and Vaudeville

December 2011

All That You Left Behind

Best wishes for 2012 for all of my visitors.

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  1. Love tour photog eye and sensibilities!

    1. Thanks, Alleycat. I didn’t even notice the typo until I read the fix. Funny how our eyes can fix something on their own. Best wishes for 2012.

  2. Wonderful series here Mark! Thank you for all your friendhip & support in 2011, it’s meant more to me than I can properly express. Best wishes, my friend, I am truly looking forward to seeing your work in 2012.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Mesachie LakeMy Profile

  3. amazing and rly nice shoots (=

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