51 Great Photo Spots and Subjects in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island [Page Three Staten Island]

Page One Covering the Bronx is here, and contains the full explanation behind the list. Page Two covering Queens is here.

In order to ease the loading of each page, I am dividing the list into three pages, one each for the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Clicking on any image below will take you to the Flickr page for that image, which also has a map showing where the image was taken. As noted on Page One covering the Bronx, every image is available under a Creative Commons license that allows me to post them here with links and attribution. If that changes, any photographer featured here need only contact me and I will remove the image.

Some of these images are truly self-explanatory, but for a few I have added supplemental information about the location or subject. Finally, in the spirit of the rules for curating these lists on Trey’s app, I have not used any of my own images, but I do add an unnumbered bonus location for each borough with my own photograph. The numbering picks up with the next number after the Queens list.

Staten Island


Fort Wadsworth by Flickr User harry_nl

Sister to Forts Schuyler (see the Bronx page) and Totten (see the Queens page). My take on this battery is here.


Buddhist Vihara by Flickr User zetgem

The Staten Island Buddhist Vihara is run by Sri Lankan Buddhist monks.


Staten Island Boat Graveyard by Flickr User Pro-Zak

I’m not sure about either the ease or legality of access, but lots of people have managed to get pictures somehow. Just search for “staten island boat graveyard” to see many examples.


Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George by Flickr User wallyg

Home of the Staten Island Yankees and featuring an amazing view of lower manhattan and NY Harbor.


NYC: Staten Island September 11 Memorial by Flickr User wallyg

Very close to the ballpark above with similar views, but a very different foreground setting.


St. George Theatre by Flickr User Pro-Zak

An historic and restored theater. Click through to the Flickr image above, where the comments indicate the photographer went on a tour but arrived early and was allowed to wander freely.


NYC - Staten Island - New Brighton: W. S. Pendleton House by Flickr User wallyg

Gothic Revival home built around 1855. It is a designated NYC landmark. I believe it is in private hands so please do not trespass.


The Crimson Beech by Flickr User H.L.I.T.

There is one Frank Lloyd Wright house in New York City and it is in Staten Island. Definitely a private residence, so again, please be respectful and do not trespass, but views are available from public locations.


Lighthouse by Flickr User H.L.I.T.

Located on the aptly named Lighthouse Hill, also known as the Range Lighthouse.


St. Andrew's Church by Flickr User H.L.I.T.

An historic Episcopal church built in 1712, with various improvements and expansions over the three intervening centuries.  Again, please be respectful of the graveyard and church interior.


Sailors' Snug Harbor: Staten Island Botanic Gardens - New York Chinese Scholar's Garden by Flickr User wallyg

Part of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.


South Beach Boardwalk by Flickr User andy in nyc

Officially known as the F.D.R. boardwalk, running 2.5 miles long.

 Bonus Location With My Image

Fort Wadsworth Beach, “Stepping Stones to Coney Island.” this might technically be part of South Beach, featured in the above image with the boardwalk, but there is no boardwalk here, and it is is most easily accessed via Fort Wadsworth, by heading towards the battery overlook, and then following a map down to the beach on the other side of the Verrazano bridge.

Link to Flickr Image with Map.

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