A Bite of the Apple

I walked up to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store Cube last night wondering (1) whether the cube and Apple symbol would be decorated for Christmas in any way, and (2) whether I could manage to get a shot of it that was in some way unique. The answer to the first question was “no,” although the lobby of the building in front of which it sits did have this giant wreath. I’ll leave the answer to the second question up to you.

For the most part, the store on Fifth Avenue in midtown do not much alter their Christmas decorations from year to year, so I pretty much covered them in the first few months of the blog. The windows change year-to-year, but it’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot with the crowds. I did re-shoot some scenes and I’ll try to make things look fresh.

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  1. Nice shot, a moment in time captured… J’aime bien…

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