Flagship Securities Building

This is the Flagship Securities Building, about which I know very little other than it was built in 1896 with a Neo-Classical design, and is located in Hanover square in Syracuse, which is really a triangle. I also do not know anything about Flagship Securities, and whether they moved, no longer exist, or operate under a different name. I also do not know if they were an original tenant or merely the last one to put their name over the lintel. How’s that for a blog post?

On to a note on composition. I have previously mentioned, several times, how a lot of my composition in the field is unconscious. I see that changing to some extent. As I learn new compositional methods I think about them more directly, but eventually I absorb enough to stop thinking about them again. Over the past several months I have become more interested in straight on composition, and breaking my habit of shooting so many things from a bit of a side angle. I have found it to be a challenge because I am unnaturally bad at lining up a shot squarely.

This storefront drew me in as a good candidate for a straight on balanced composition, and I focused solely on the first floor when lining up the shot. I was vaguely aware of the second floor window, but I have no memory of noticing the reflected sky in it. Now I see it as one of the dominant elements in the photo.  Do I have a point? I’m not sure. I could close with a maxim like “think smart but trust your instinct,” but really I’m just musing out loud and hoping that it offers a bit of a window into how one guy works.

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  1. Great atmosphere and the reflection is a good contrast to the building

  2. I know what you mean about the straight-on approach, which works well here, especially with a wide angle. I also know what you mean about instinct. Maybe they work like hand-in-glove?

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