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Monthly Archives: December 2011

2011 [Plus] In Review

This is my first year end review post. I began the blog in October 2009, and in October 2010, I did a one-year anniversary post. Following that with a year-end wrap-up 2.5 months later seemed a bit self-indulgent.  So this year, I’m looking back to the last 15 months since that anniversary post, with a […]

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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and Faces

I took this just before getting into position for yesterday’s image. The people a watching a light display, with music, on Saks Fifth Avenue.  You can imagine how enchanting it must have been to get all of these people — all or most of whom came to see the tree — to turn away and look […]

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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2011

Sometimes I feel foolish all the times I admit that I notice a photographic element only when I review the image at home, and had no sense of it when composing in the field. This is another example. I carefully composed to get the tree in the image, obviously, but also I specifically remember that […]

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51 Great Photo Spots and Subjects in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island [Page Three Staten Island]

Page One Covering the Bronx is here, and contains the full explanation behind the list. Page Two covering Queens is here. In order to ease the loading of each page, I am dividing the list into three pages, one each for the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Clicking on any image below will take you […]

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51 Great Photo Spots and Subjects in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island [Page One the Bronx]

Page Two covering Queens is here. Page Three covering Staten Island is here. The gentleman I credit as my blogfather, Trey Ratcliff, recently created a wonderful new app for the iPad called “Stuck on Earth.” It is officially described as “A new kind of travel app that brings you the best places in the world to visit, […]

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Let The Wind and Trumpets Blow!

This is, of course, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, shot from behind a toy solder statue and through a row of golden flags being blown by the wind. By the way, if you’re visiting this page on the day it is posted, December 27, 2011, go to the home page. It is featuring a photo […]

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Holiday Searching

Christmas Eve, and I’m very busy, as I’m sure are you. I’ve toyed with taking a blog vacation for the rest of the year, but I think I’m going to post mostly simple images with brief text accompaniment, while working on some big posts like a year-end retrospective and one other somewhat similar item. This […]

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57th Street Christmas Star

So this is the same star as yesterday: the star, or snowflake, above 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. This time I’m standing on Fifth Avenue just above 56th Street and looking uptown. I’m not sure why but I had all kinds of trouble getting a black and white image I was happy with. I made […]

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A Star In The East

This truly is facing East, or as near as you can get with Manhattan’s street grid. For as long as I can remember this star (some call it a snowflake) has hovered over the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street every December, and though quite simple, it has always been one of my favorite […]

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A Bite of the Apple

I walked up to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store Cube last night wondering (1) whether the cube and Apple symbol would be decorated for Christmas in any way, and (2) whether I could manage to get a shot of it that was in some way unique. The answer to the first question was “no,” although […]

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Upper Rust

“The Upper Rust” is an antique store on East Ninth Street. It has some interesting window displays, but I was taken with the balconies on the third and fourth floors.

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