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Without any sort of official survey, my experience for the past two years has led me to conclude that the political leanings of online photographers are similar to that of most online communities (excluding, of course, the overtly political communities): libertarians are over-represented proportionally to their presence in the greater world. Although I’m not libertarian, […]

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Don’t Fence Me In

I have mentioned this tip before, but it is worth repeating. If you are shooting through a chain link fence, or similar obstruction, try opening the aperture on your lens as wide as possible (assuming you have that control available to you). Then place your camera right up against the fence, and the fence wires […]

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Night On The Strip

    Normally when I arrive in a city for a business trip after 10pm I think of nothing but bed, and maybe late night room service if I missed dinner. But this was Las Vegas and I did not have to be anywhere in the early morning so I grabbed my x100 and headed […]

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Just Like I Pictured It

Being a New York City based photographer, I could approach New York, New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip in one of two ways: as a second rate copycat abomination to be avoided at all costs, or as an opportunity for fun. In truth, I think it is one of the most […]

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Welcome To Vegas

I just returned from a brief trip (1.5 days, 2 nights) to Las Vegas for business. For a variety of reasons, Vegas is not my thing, but I was glad to have the occasion and opportunity to visit at least this once. I knew there were slot machines in the airport, but was surprised to […]

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I missed my two-year blog anniversary yesterday. I didn’t intend to do anything big, unlike last year for the first anniversary when I built a whole retrospective around it, but I had planned at least to mention it. I’ve just been very busy, mostly with work stuff, and the date slipped my mind. So, today marks my […]

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Good Luck, Toad

Yesterday, one of the nicest, friendliest, supportive, generous and talented people in the blogosphere, photosphere, Twitter, Facebook and G Plus announced he is taking a hiatus, possibly for good, but certainly for a long time. Toad, aka Scott Johnson, aka husband to the lovely Mrs. Toad, is going to have to stop taking photos and […]

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Chinatown Google Plus Photowalk

    Yesterday there was another Google Plus New York Photowal, this time in Chinatown. In addition to the usual crew of local Google Plus photographers, about 60 or so I’d estimate, I was joined by Bob Lussier and his lovely wife Jean. They reside in Massachusetts, but were in town for a wedding this […]

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Star Power

I spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday with my family, and grabbed some shots along the way. I was very diligent about remembering to shoot a picture of the plaque identifying each object, except for this one. All I know for certain about this fellow, is that he’s Greek, he lost […]

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