599-603 Corner View


This is one of those occasional shots I post even though I’m not fully satisfied with it. I’m not sure exactly what I want it to be, but I do think it should somehow be better and more interesting.  It also is a different take on the building (599-603 11th Avenue) I showed here. I went with black and white more because I could not get the color version into something I liked. No matter how I play with the Lens Correction tool, it ends up looking crooked or off-kilter somewhere.  But even if I could fix those items, I think it would end up disappointing. I think I just want it to be more interesting than it is.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks and enjoy the weekend.


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  1. I think this is one of those shots where less would be more. I find my eye is drawn to the stop light and the sign on the edge of the building. I think there might be an interesting image from a much tighter crop, possibly incorporating the arched doorway on the left. The shot has lots of interesting patterns, but I think the full shot just has too many things to look at.

    1. Thanks James. I did do a tight cropped shot of that doorway here, http://toomuchglass.net/2011/07/20/599-603/, although now I’m not too pleased with the saturation. I did it knowingly at the time, but now it seems a bit much. Maybe I’ll rework that one as a black and white.

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