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I do not know if UPS just parks some trucks on the roof, or if the entire garage and all of these bays are one big UPS depot. I do know I had a heck of a time trying to pick the right line for the horizon, because it appears that the road is on a slight hill. I did manage to get the lens lined up pretty close to perpendicular so even though it was extra wide at 14mm, there was minimal distortion.Finally, it’s little more than a speck, but that is a bird, not a dust spot, on the right portion of the sky.

Happy Father’s Day! I woke up before 5am, went out shooting (of which this was one of the results) and came back to breakfast, which included both scrapple and bacon.*

* Once I mentioned bacon, I couldn’t think of anything else, including a title for this image, so I just called this post “bacon” even though the reference to bacon is kind of off point. You wanna argue with bacon?

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