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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Inside The M Train

This is the final installment of my elevated M Train series. I rode the last leg of the trip between the Fresh Pond Road station and the Metropolitan Avenue station heading home. On a Sunday afternoon, pretty much all of the cars except for the front two were empty, because everybody getting off at the […]

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The Depot Below

This is te next to last entry in the series. I had to ride the M train to its last stop to get home, because as I mentioned earlier, between here and the last stop it crosses a lot of inaccessible ground. In order to get home, I either had to ride, or walk a […]

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This was taken from the exact same spot as yesterday’s image, with just a slight change of direction and focus. The DEP is the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and I have no idea what this item is doing here, or how it is protecting the environment, but here it is. I’m trying […]

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A Modest Court

The path on the left, in between the houses and the fenced-in alley under the subway, is listed on maps as Kneupfel Court, apparently a fully public street (or at least right-of-way). I didn’t test that, mostly because it did not appear to go all the way through to the next block.   The street […]

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Forest Avenue Elevated Subway

And so, after a hiatus, we resume our trip under the last leg of the elevated subway M train line in Ridgewood, Queens.  This is underneath the Forest Avenue station. Because the line is coming out of an alleyway and is not running under a road, I’m able to set up centered under the tracks without blocking […]

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Uncertain Access

I like this image, but it demonstrates the limitation of a Gorillapod, as I think this image would be better if the camera were at least a few feet higher. Still, the kit for this image, which was the Gorillapod, the Nikon D700, and Nikon’s 24mm prime f/2.8 lens is a reasonably mobile set of gear. This […]

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Guggenheim Museum Early Morning

Late post today, so I’m rushing this out a bit. This is, of course, the Guggenheim Museum taken somewhat early on a Sunday morning. Played with the colors for a long time and can no longer tell exactly what it should look like. Sometimes you’re better off taking your first adjustment and running with it […]

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Mick Margo Windows

I neglected to note the name of this business, but it appears to be a boutique called Mick Margo on Commerce Street in the West Village. If I’m wrong, my apologies to both Mick Margo and whatever establishment this is. I just liked the windows.

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Brooklyn Bridge Skyline

In a way, this is the same picture as yesterday taken with a very different lens. yesterday was taken with the Tamron 28-300, today with the Nikkor 24mm PC-E. The Empire State Building is way back there, about one-third of the way in from the right.   Last Day To Buy My Book Before the […]

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Empire State

The top of the Empire State Building, taken from Brooklyn Bridge park, peeking under the bridge itself, which is hovering unseen above the frame. Other than that, this doesn’t need much commentary, so on to  other business. Three items. Two Days To Buy My Book Before the Price Increase Blurb is raising prices on May […]

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Style Undies

James Lileks was the first person I noticed who collected pictures of these sort of ads and called them Ghost Signs. For those of you unfamiliar with James, he is mostly a writer (Minneapolis based), but he also takes some photos, and collects and displays all sorts of 20th Century memorabilia – advertisements, magazines, and […]

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