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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Crosby Street

This is a simple shot of Crosby Street in SoHo, looking north towards Prince and Houston Streets. It also has very light processing, apart from the HDR conversion.  There is nothing particularly notable about the street (except the very slight item that HDR guru Trey Ratcliff had a book party in a hotel on this […]

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Pulino’s – Side Door

This place, Pulino’s, looks like it’s been there forever:  a local pizzeria hangout with ancient ovens, and the kind of charm that only omes with having been in business for several decades. In fact, as these reviews indicate, it only opened last year, in 2010, and arguably is not even accurately described as a bar or a pizzeria. I have […]

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Bus Stop No. 81

You know it has been a cold, snowy winter, when you can look back at a photo of someone waiting at a bus stop at night in October, and think, about how warm and dry she looks.

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iPhone Hipstamatic Subway Candids – Summer 2010

Starting last summer, I have been taking regular candid snapshots of people I see riding on the subway (and sometimes bus) on my daily commute.  I use the Hipstamatic App, and usually shake the phone before shooting, which randomly selects a combination of software “film” and software “lens” to create different looks for each shot. […]

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Bond and Bowery

The corner of Bond Street, also known as Second Street, and Bowery, on a very cold Sunday morning.  Like yesterday’s image, taken without focusing the lens, because I was so cold I simply forgot.  This one turned out better because the focus was by chance turned out to infinity, or close enough to it, and […]

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I Meant To Do That

This morning I went out to shoot some brackets, and only lasted 30-45 minutes because it was so cold, about 17°F, plus wind chill about another 10° lower. Despite the cold, I remembered to check my ISO, exposure bias, bracket settings, and aperture. I forgot to focus, which I only realized when I got home. […]

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Bus Stop No. 79

I tried but couldn’t figure out a way to remove the light halos right by the head of the man at the bus stop.

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Bus Stop No. 78

It’s snowing today, so I thought I would pull out a bus stop image from some warmer days last May. On a different note, my blog post about the epic failure of the New York sanitation department to provide basic services in Middle Village, and the related failure of council member Elizabeth Crowley to do anything about it, was […]

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Mad Avenue

This image gave me no end of trouble, and I still see flaws in it.  Maybe some day I will start doing occasional entries like Tom Baker’s Fix It Friday series, in which he reprocesses an old image and attempts to make it better. To be clear, I don’t hate this, but I wish it […]

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Life in Elizabeth Crowley’s Middle Village

Please indulge me with this unappealing diversion from this blog’s usual fare. I will post a more pleasing image shortly so this will not remain at the top of the blog. But this needs to be documented. New York City had a snow storm on Christmas, which the NYC sanitation department completely bungled. They came […]

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East Houston Street – Looking West

Another street landscape devoid of people, or even occupied vehicles.  You might recognize the graffiti wall on the right from an image I posted about 2 weeks ago.   This is Houston Street, from the median pedestrian island, looking west from a point just west of Bowery on the east side. I had a lot of success […]

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