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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Have a Seat

It’s the remnants of a chair next to an empty lot on Dunham Place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Shot hand-held with a 50mm prime wide open at f/1.4, with simple processing to increase the texture and contrast on the chair while leaving the background a blur. In addition, I think that Photomatix managed to properly align […]

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Crosswalk No. 74

There are 20 inches of snow on the ground, with drifts 3-4 feet high.  So I thought I would pull out an image from September, when people wore shorts and had bare arms.

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Christmas Is A Season

Christmas is a season, and it does not begin until Christmas Day proper.  The Church celebrates Christmas over eight days, or an Octave.  The period before Christmas is not part of Christmas season, it is a separate season known as Advent. Yesterday, the first Sunday after Christmas Day, was the Feast of the Holy Family. […]

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Let The Just Rejoice!

I feel bad about not having taken or posted any Christmas pictures this season.  Last year, when I was still really just starting this blog, I took a lot and they were the main subject in December.  As a result, it seemed as if this year I had already covered the main Christmas subjects in […]

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Crosswalk No. 73

This was taken last march during one of my first nights out doing street photography.  I put it in the marginal reject pile because of the focus issues.  Lately, however, I’ve come to appreciate the blurry soft-focus look in some of the shots. This look was not so much due to poor focus, I believe, […]

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Write Your Caption

If you recognize the area, then what is going on here is probably obvious.  If you do not recognize the location, it’s a mildly amusing scene I stumbled upon.

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250 SL – By Request

Three months ago I posted a rear view photo of a Mercedes 250SL, explaining that I was not too excited about the front view shots that I took, but noting that I might try to salvage them at a future date.  Last week that post received a new comment from Dave who asked to see […]

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