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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bronx Zoo Slideshow

NOTE: Please start the slideshow by clicking on the first thumbnail, not the first image. For some reason I cannot determine, there is a glitch that exists when you try to move between the first image and the second. So please start with the first thumbnail which is the second image and move forward. Thanks. […]

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I’m So Tall – A Collaborative Experiment

About 2 weeks ago more or less, I was monitoring Twitter for activity from my photographer friends there, when one of them Jacques Gudé, tweeted something about wanting to try swapping brackets with some of his friends.  Immediately Rob Hanson and I accepted, and what you see below is the first result. We have not […]

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Bus Stop No. 69

I have a good number of night time street photography shots in which the subject is slightly out of focus.  So I was pretty excited when Topaz Labs announced InFocus, which is touted as being able to “enhance the clarity of an already well-focused image, as well as deblur an out-of-focus or motion blurred image.” […]

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Bleecker – not Bleaker

Everything is pretty in golden hour. Even with a graffiti marred doorway, the scene just seems to defy the name of its street. The street at the far end of the block where the light is shining is the infamous Bowery. The shot disappointed me a bit when I saw it on the computer, as […]

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It’s the Windows

I’ll be curious to get people’s opinions on this one. When I took the shot, I had no idea that everything was leaning so far to the right.  It isn’t lens distortion. As you can see below, when the image is simply straightened, everything lines up vertically.  Nevertheless, I decided to keep the lean to […]

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Permanence and Innovation

This will be quick.  My post today is late because I’ve had a busy weekend.  There was a family event yesterday, a lovely christening.  Today I went shooting, and the image above is one of the results.  Finally, I have a new computer, which I am still in the middle of setting up.  My hope […]

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I Remember How The Darkness Doubled

This is an infrared image of the moon, some clouds, and part of a bush, taken around 4:00 pm in my backyard.  Apart from the clouds, there was a bright blue sky.  The infrared capture and black and white conversion create the illusion of darkness.  Actually, I would not know how to get a capture […]

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