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Railroad In The Sky [Square Cut]

So maybe this is filler, but as I’ve explained in earlier posts, I’m skipping today’s usual installment of a Crosswalk series photo to better sync the numbering of the Crosswalk and Bus Stop series.  When I skipped a Bus Stop I posted a black and white version of an earlier HDR image that somebody requested.  This time I’m just posting a different crop of an earlier image.  When I first posted it, I considered cropping off a bit of the left side to eliminate the random piece of the building jutting into the photo at the top.   But doing so would have cut off part of one of the Williamsburg bridge towers in the background, and I didn’t want to lose that.  Then James Howe suggested in the comments that the picture might be improved simply by cropping off a bit of the sky which he thought was overwhelming the rest of the image.  That led me to think of making a square crop, which I almost never do, as it solves all of the above issues.

Tomorrow I’m back to posting a new HDR, and then regular posting of HDRs, Bus Stops and Crosswalks will continue.

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