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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Crosswalk No. 46

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the Sharpening brush in Aperture on the subjects of the Bus Stop and Crosswalk shots to make them pop just a bit more from the backgrounds.  The effect is subtle, but I think important.  Oddly, at the same time I almost never sharpen my HDR images.  Yesterday’s […]

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Railroad In The Sky

Before discussing the photo, let me offer a few thoughts on transportation policy. Actually, no.  Yesterday’s screed garnered a fair bit of attention, mostly positive (or at least the negative attention remained silent) but it worked because it was organic.  I’m tempted to say it came out of nowhere, but that is not accurate.  I […]

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Falling Dominos No. 1

The Domino’s Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg has not produced sugar for about 6 or 7 years.  It’s demise is not the result of economics.  It is the result of government policy.  For 20-30 years the US government has placed large tariffs on sugar imports,  This helps a small set of politically influential sugar farmers in […]

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Bus Stop No. 47

As much as I hate to draw attention away from the subject of this photo, in the background you can see the guy who was the subject of yesterday’s image.  This is about 2 blocks south from where he was standing at the bus stop.  I didn’t notice him walking down as I did so. […]

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Crosswalk No. 45

OK, I found one more like yesterday, where one person is giving me  a look and everyone else just goes about their business.  My favorite here is the woman resting her head.  This is the last “wary look” photo for a bit.  I couldn’t find more in the queue, so I’ll have to go try […]

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What Planet Are You From?

Williamsburg has a variety of ethic groups and cultures living in close proximity but often not understanding each other.  Here is a story of the occasional tensions between two such groups.  It’s easy to imagine they look at each other as being from different planets, and as that article indicates, one is nearly literally Planet […]

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At the Station

I’m getting a little tired of my usual bag of post-processing tricks, and I have several images in my publishing queue that are pretty much HDR-processed, but with no additional processing added. Nevertheless, in this image, I went with the now old-hat post-process tilt-shift, because this station, with the tops of the buildings peeking up […]

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This is Not Your Wall

Yesterday I walked through Williamsburg Brooklyn with a simple kit: my D700, a 50mm f1.4 prime, and a 24mm F2.8 prime. Also – no tripod. I shot mostly with the 50, because I wanted to force myself out of the habit of shooting everything wide. I did without the tripod in part to travel light, […]

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Smoke is evocative, mysterious, moody, and unpredictable.  It can both interfere with and enhance a photograph.  It is also the title of my favorite photography movie, even though it is not really a movie about photography. There is no definitive list of best photography movies. Some people think of documentaries or biographies of real life photographers. […]

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