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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Bus Stop No. 39

So I guess I can get a short depth of field and decent bokeh with the E-PL1 and the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens.  I’m not sure why it works better in some shots than others, however.  I think it helped that I got pretty close to this gentleman, but I’ve had other shots taken at […]

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Sullivan Diner Entrance – Infrared

I have been doing some preliminary research into infrared photography lately, after seeing some breathtaking images.  It looks like it is going to be a real pain whether you do it digitally or with film.  Infrared film requires special handling and processing, and your options today for getting any film processing done are limited.  You […]

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Crosswalk No. 36

After Sunday’s huge post, and even yesterday’s longish one that also included a processed HDR, it is a relief today to get back to my street photography.  The inspiration for each shot comes naturally, they are very easy to process, and they also require little commentary from me.  I hope they are as satisfying.

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Roods Creek Diner

There’s an overwhelming amount of information about taking and processing photographs that I do not know, but I am at the point where some  zones of knowledge are within my expertise.  When post-processing, there are certain brushes, sliders and filters that I know pretty well.  For a while I would apply many of them to […]

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Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 – Jersey City

Yesterday I participated in Scott Kelby’s sponsored Worldwide Photo Walk.  I took part in the Jersey City edition of the walk, which had many, many such local walks literally around the globe.  I chose Jersey City because it is an area I do not know yet is still close and accessible.  I chose to bring […]

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Bus Stop No. 36

  This is kind of interesting.  This photo has been sitting in my ready pile for weeks, but not looking like this.  I had cropped it down to cut out the woman.  I think I was distracted a bit in the early days of taking and publishing these shots to catch someone looking at me.  […]

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Sullivan Diner Route 17

  This diner is very close to the I-86 or 17 West Diner I posted about on Sunday, roughly just a couple of miles down the road.  This is the diner I think might have been open for part of the last 10-12 years during which I have been occasionally driving on Route 17, but […]

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Crosswalk No. 35

As someone who engages in street photography regularly, I’d like to recommend to you Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime: Analysis, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee and blogger at Instapundit.  I also recommend 5 Tips for Street Photography by Brian Q. Webb on Craig Ferguson’ s […]

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Why You Carry A Camera – Always

    This is what I saw walking home tonight after getting off of the bus.  I couldn’t even see properly as I was returning from my annual eye exam and my pupils were still dilated.  Still, I could tell that was an amazing silhouette behind the park, so  I pulled out my Olympus Pen […]

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Livingston Manor Covered Bridge – Interior View

  This is an interior view of the covered bridge at Livingston Manor in the Catskills.  It is currently called the Livingston Manor Covered Bridge, and earlier has been named the Motts Flats Bridge and Vantran Bridge.   I took several different shots of this same interior and might post a few more.  By moving […]

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Bus Stop No. 35

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still figuring out how to handle the E-PL1 photos, and so I’ve been experimenting with different treatments, like the vignette and graininess I added here.

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