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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Bus Stop No. 12

      This is the second “bus stop” shot I took, still before I came up with the idea for the series.  The The first one is here.  It is amazing how many people walk around the streets talking on cell phones.  Even though you might be aware of it at some level, when […]

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High Line Parking Lot

This is another shot from my February trip to the High Line on a dismal winter afternoon.  I have some other shots in which you can see the front of these billboards.  I expect I’ll process and publish them eventually, but right now this particular shot – with its behind-the-scenen viewpoint caught my fancy..

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Manhattan Bridge Entrance

I forgot that I never previously published this image, which I shot and processed six months ago.  It is another instance, much like yesterday’s Apple Store image, in which I had trouble picking the right final processing result.  Unlike yesterday, I decided to force myself to make an editorial decision and pick just one.

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Apple Store Upper West Side

I’ve gotten enough traffic and interest in my Fifth Avenue Cube Apple store image that I decided to do another. This image was taken around 5 am on a Sunday morning a couple of months ago.   At first I had trouble getting a final look I liked.  After letting it sit for a while, I’m […]

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Bus Stop No. 11

        For 3 weeks in March I rented the Nikon 135mm f 2.0 prime lens with the (DC) DeFocus control.  I never did get the hang of the DeFocus feature, but the lens helped me get some great images.  My usual lens for these shots when I use the D700 is the […]

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Horses and Men at Arms

This is a display of arms for men and horses in the Metropolitan museum of art.  The pieces date from the middle to late 16th century, and come from Germany and Italy.  I strongly recommend close inspection of the detail in the armor, especially the face plates for the horses.  If necessary, click the image […]

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Crosswalk No. 9

Both yesterday’s and today’s crosswalk images have solitary figures.  The same corner can have a dozen people standing there at one moment, and only one at the next switch of the light, waiting for the car traffic to pass.

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Crosswalk No. 8

        UPDATE: welcome visitors from Bob Lussier’s post.  I’m very gratified to have inspired such a good photographer to try something new.  If you want to see my other crosswalk shots, click here, for other bus stop shots (a related series), click here.  You can also check for the tags “Crosswalk Tuesdays” […]

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A Pen and a Pancake: Subway Series No. 1

    I’ve started taking subway candids with the -EPL1 hanging in plain sight around my neck.  Most people don’t notice.  Most shots just got a white balance fix if necessary and maybe exposure.  A couple had a little more work, including one with Lucis Pro.

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The Breukelen

I’m a bit fond of bits of New York that evoke the city’s Dutch roots, so I’ve always liked this apartment building, mostly for the name on the awning, which is the original Dutch name for Brooklyn.  This sits on the end of Montague Street, which is the main retail drag in Brooklyn Heights. It […]

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Bus Stop No. 9

It’s funny.  I spent the first 2 weeks of March taking tons of bus stop and crosswalk photos, because I was worried I couldn’t continue to get the look I wanted once Daylight Savings hit.  As it turns out, it hasn’t made as much difference as I expected.  So I have this big backlog of […]

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Bus Stop No. 8

Taken with Olympus E-PL1. The E-PL1 “pen” camera is a neat little street tool that lets me walk right up to people who don’t notice the camera. Even with the Panasonic 17mm f1.7 “pancake” prime, it doesn’t generate the bokeh that I get with the D700 and the 85mm prime, so I’m playing with more […]

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