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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Crosswalk No. 4

This is basically my first Crosswalk shot.  I don’t love it but it barely makes my quality cutoff, and I want to put it out there for the record.  There was one before this but it’s not in focus.   Also, in the background of this shot you can see the two women featured in Bus […]

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West Village Florist

I love these triangle-shaped buildings, set on odd shaped corners.  The Flatiron is the most famous such building, and apparently derived its name from the resemblance of its shape to that of a clothing iron.  In Manhattan north of 14th Street, most such buildings will occur, like the Flatiron, at an intersection where Broadway crosses […]

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Side Door – Smorgas Chef

When Nikon and Canon shooters think of the other system, they spend half their time thinking up reasons why their preferred system is superior, and the other half looking enviously at the features the other system supports that their system lacks. I shoot Nikon, and one area where Canon is better is in its wide-angle […]

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Washington Street Contrast

The nostalgia that many people hold for the old, crime-ridden, “gritty”  New York, is, well, STUPID.  We are so much better off now that the city is safer and cleaner than it was before Giuliani’s mayoral terms. Still, what has happened to the meatpacking district is just weird.  I haven’t been down there in at […]

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Not 623 Fifth Avenue. East 50th Street

In New York, as in most cities, some addresses are deemed more desirable than others.  Generally the avenue addresses have a bit more cachet than the streets, and Fifth Avenue is among the most esteemed.  This building entrance sits on E. 50th Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, but claims a Fifth Avenue address.  […]

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Desolate High Line Plaza

Another shot from my visit to the High Line on a bleak President’s Day.  I returned with my family 3 weeks later on a sunny early-Spring Sunday afternoon, and the park was wall-to-wall with people, creating a completely different feel and environment.

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You Don’t Want To Go In There

This is from a morning photowalk I took in Dumbo last December.  The open door to this warehouse caught my eye.  Unfortunately there were a number of city employees milling about casting wary glances my way, so I couldn’t set up too close.  Even from this vantage point, however, you can see the wall of […]

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Ominous Hello Kitty

For reasons I cannot quite fathom, an installation of Hello Kitty sculptures went up in the courtyard of the Lever House on Park Avenue in Manhattan, and this one, the largest of the set, was still there as of December 1, 2009. Hello Kitty is an interesting phenomenon, in that she is both ubiquitous and […]

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The Gateway to Morningside Heights

Evening HDR shot of the Paterno and Colosseum apartment buildings at the corner of 116th Street and Riverside Drive, a beautiful gateway to both Morningside Heights and Columbia University, whose gates you can just about see at the top of the hill between the buildings.  This is one of my favorite spots in the city. […]

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Bus Stop No. 1

I’m starting a new series, “Bus Stop Fridays.”  It’s exactly what it sounds like: photographs of people waiting at bust stops on New York City.

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